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Seamaster Paint Red Oxide Primer

Seamaster Red Oxide Primer is an economical anti-corrosive primer based on oilmodified phenolic resin.
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Seamaster Paint Zinc Chromate Primer

Seamaster Zinc Chromate Primer is an alkyd based rust inhibitive primer pigmented with zinc chromate.
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Seamaster Paint Micaceous Iron Oxide (MIOX) Primer

Seamaster Micaceous Iron Oxide is an alkyd based protective coating pigmented with high quality micaceous iron oxide to give a blasted appearance. It may be over coated with an alkyd based topcoat for decorative purpose or left...
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Seamaster Paint Epoxy Primer

Seamaster 9400 Epoxy Primer is a high quality two-component primer with excellent build and good adhesion for steel and concrete surfaces. It has good resistance to petroleum products, oils and chemicals.
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Seamaster Paint Isobase Polyurethane Primer

Seamaster Isobase Polyurethane Primer is a two components polyurethane coating which gives high abrasion resistance, excellent solvent and chemical resistance, excellent sanding property, good flow and fills up property, excell...
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Seamaster Paint Aluminium Heat Resistance Paint 600oC

Seamaster Aluminium Heat Resistance Paint 600°C is superior quality silicone based aluminium paint. It is formulated to withstand heat up to 600°C.
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Seamaster Paint Aluminium Heat Resistance Paint 200oC

Seamaster Aluminium Heat Resistance Paint 200oC is a high quality aluminium paint specially formulated to withstand heat up to 200°C.
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Seamaster Paint Quick Drying Industrial Enamel

Seamaster Quick Drying Industrial Enamel is a high quality air drying synthetic resin product. It provides shorter drying time and ideally suited for decoration and protection of wood, metal, machinery or equipment. It gives ex...
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Seamaster Paint Industrial Lacquer Enamel Finish

Seamaster Nitrocellulose High Gloss Lacquer is an industrial fast air dry lacquer suitable for application over primed wood or metal substrates. It is easy to apply, easy to repair, and is recoatable with minimum preparation.
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Seamaster Paint Road Line Water Based Paint

Seamaster Water Based Roadline Traffic Paint is an acrylic water based material specially formulated for marking of bituminous and or cements based road surfaces. It provides excellent adhesion and weather durability.
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Seamaster Paint Tora Sport Court Water Based Coating

Seamaster 9200 Tora Protective Coating is a water based floor coating specially designed for internal and external masonry surfaces such as cement and concrete floor. It is recommended for the protection of light traffic sport ...
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Seamaster Paint Road Traffic Paint

Seamaster Road Traffic Paint is a one-pack chlorinated rubber based high performance road marking paint with excellent durability and obliterating power. It is very fast drying and available in both reflective and non-reflectiv...
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At Seamaster Paint, we stand behind each and every paint product that we produce. Should you have any enquiries in the course of using our products, or you would like to discuss a business opportunity, drop us a line and we endeavour to revert ASAP within 24 hours. Thank you.
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